IT Staffing Solutions

Add additional resources to your ongoing project capacity with a custom-matched software development team.  

Eliminate the complexity of hiring and onboarding competent software engineers with Blocshop's IT staffing solutions.  

Within a short time frame, we will establish and integrate a dedicated development team having the required skillset for full-time allocation with your own in-house project team.  

This model is ideal for organizations that need to scale in-house development capacities rapidly.  

We enable our customers to achieve cost reduction of up to 30% due to the optimized utilization of resources and no need to employ new in-house employees.

Read a recent success story here.

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Why to opt for our dedicated development team?

1. Maintain control over your in-house development practices.

2. Scale development resources according to requirements.

What kind of applications can Blocshop build for you?

Blocshop has extensive experience in creating custom solutions for corporate clients such as Austrian Erste Bank, and Irish-based wealth management startup Argeau, and we have a long-standing development relationship with BCC in the Netherlands.

Blocshop is more than familiar with the needs of e-commerce and companies, but our teams can draw on their development and implementation skills to work in any of the following areas:

E-commerce & retail

Finance, banking

HR systems

Online education

Health & fitness

Hospitality apps

We’ve built

Custom eshop development for BCC Netherlands by Blocshop.png


Custom app development for Fairphone by Blocshop.png


Custom app development for Fairphone by Blocshop.png


What technologies we use?

Check out our full-stack resources.

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