Corporate Innovation Lab

Realize your unique business ideas with Blocshop's Corporate Innovation Lab.

Blocshop's Corporate Innovation Lab is your gateway to transforming innovative concepts into tangible realities. We specialize in helping you swiftly build an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), enabling you to test, refine, and validate your new digital product ideas in the real world. Our dedicated team provides the expertise and resources needed to bring your visions to life, ensuring that your digital product not only meets the market's current demands but also sets new standards for innovation and functionality.

Accelerated MVP Development

Our focus on accelerated MVP development means we prioritize efficiency without compromising on quality. By adopting lean methodologies and agile practices, we make sure that your journey from idea to MVP is smooth, fast, and cost-effective. This approach allows you to build an MVP and quickly iterate based on user feedback, reducing time to market and increasing the likelihood of your product's success.

Testing and Validation of New Digital Products

With our comprehensive new digital product testing services, we go beyond just building your MVP. We implement rigorous testing protocols to validate your product's market fit, usability, and performance under real-world conditions.

Expertise in New Digital Product Development

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities of digital innovation and are equipped to address them head-on. From conceptualization to launch, we provide the strategic guidance and technical support necessary to navigate the digital landscape successfully.

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Why to opt for our Corporate Innovation Lab Services?

1. Complete ownership of a solution designed to explicitly meet the need of your organization.

2. A customizable approach that allows key personnel to author changes in meeting business goals.

What kind of applications can Blocshop build for you?

Blocshop has extensive experience in creating custom software solutions for corporate clients such as Austrian Erste Bank, and Irish-based wealth management startup Argeau, and we have a long-standing development relationship with BCC in the Netherlands.

Blocshop is more than familiar with a wide spectrum of industries and business processes, our teams can draw on their development and implementation skills to work in any of the following areas:

E-commerce & retail

Finance, banking

HR systems

Online education

Health & fitness

Hospitality apps

We’ve built

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What technologies we use?

Check out our full-stack resources.

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